Ironman Mont-Tremblant Race Plan

The following is my race plan as best as I can determine at the moment.

Check in bike, bags, etc.
Dinner – 3p.m.-4p.m
Feet up and relaxing by 5p.m
Bed – 8p.m.

Race Day:
Wake: 4a.m.
Breakfast – Bagel w/ peanut butter, Cup of coffee.
Sip electrolyte drink mix until race start.
1 Gel and a couple of Endurolytes before the swim.

On the bike:
3 Things only(Water, EFS Liquid Shots, & Endurolytes)

    – 1 Water bottle(22oz) per hour.
    – 1 flask(5oz) of EFS Liquid Shots gives 100g of Carb per hour (400 Cals)
              – Each flask provides 400mg of Sodium, 600mg Chloride, 290mg Potassium, 1000mg of Amino’s.
    – 3 Endurolyte capsules per hour provides 120mg Sodium, 180mg Chloride, 75mg of Potassium & Magnesium(just in case).

I’ll consume 6 flasks on the bike(3 with me, and pick up 3 more at the bike special needs spot). I go through just slightly less than 1 flask per hour(so around 75g of Carb, or 300-350 Cals). I’ll likely only go through 5 entire flasks of EFS, and then grab a Perform drink, banana, and/or orange at one of the aid stations on the course.  So, I’ll likely go through 1750-2000 calories on the bike.

On the Run:
I’ll have 1 flask(5oz) of EFS Liquid Shots to start and 1 flask(5oz) at the halfway point at the special needs.  Instead of sticking with EFS the entire time, I’ll rotate (EFS & water), (Coke & pretzels), and Chicken broth, every 10-20 min.  I don’t really count calories on the run as I just have to go by feel at this point and go with what I think my body can handle.  Probably in the 200-300Cal range per hour.

Race Plan:

For the swim I put my faith in Pythagoras Theorem. I like to start out fast and as far away from anyone as possible. I only look at 1 thing and that is the farthest buoy down course. I suck at drafting so I typically don’t even bother with it. Seems to take me out of my rhythm if I focus too much on it.  After a quick start I’ll settle into a nice steady swim.  I would like to try and go under 1 hour if I feel good, but not at the expense of the rest of the race. 

On the bike, the plan is to keep my heart rate at the high end of Zone 2(130-134bpm). I’ll also focus on keeping my cadence as close to 90rpm’s as possible.  I have plenty of gears to handle the climbs, so I’ll flatten the course by using all of the gearing, if needed.  If I run out of gears then my heart rate will climb, which is ok. None of the hills are too long, there are just a lot of them….and it’s 2 loops.


On the run, the plan is to keep my heart rate at the high end of Zone 2(140-145).  Just like on the bike, I’ll try to maintain a cadence of 88-90rpm’s while keeping my HR in check.  Around 6-9 miles in, I like to walk the Aid Stations for at least 15 seconds, but no more than 30secs.  Then it’s just a 1-2 mile goal to the next Aid Station. I feel good about the run.  It can’t be any harder than the backside of Umstead Park in July.

Race Time Goals:
This is the part that is like landing on the moon while blindfolded. It’s hard to even guess on a 140.6 mile course that I’ve never been to before.  But, I believe in making goals public, so here goes.

Swim: 59 mins – 1:05(Anything under 59, and I’m likely going out too fast)
     T1 – 5 min(Not sure how far away this is)
Bike: 6 hours, or anything +/- 15 minutes would be great. This is a big grey area.
     T2 – 5 min(Not sure how far away this is)

Run – 4 hours is my goal. 

Just finishing before midnight(17 hours) is always the main goal, but I would by lying if I didn’t say that what I really want to do is break 11 hours.  So, 10:59 it is!

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3 Responses to Ironman Mont-Tremblant Race Plan

  1. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Good luck to you on Sunday.

    Don’t your dare steal my Pythagoras Theorem plan!!!! haha. I’ll be out there with you. I calculated it and even starting 200m to the left, we would only have to swim an addition 15m or something like that.

    It sounds like we have similar nutrition plans and goals for the day. There is a good chance I will see you out there.

  2. Jeff says:

    No doubt Kevin. I’ll gladly give up 15m to avoid the chaos. I’ll see you out there.

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