Ironman Florida (IMFL) training…10 months away

For me, IMFL is pretty much a 1 year commitment to a shift in priorities.  I want to do a monthly update just to track my own progress and catalog everything as the year goes on.  I have to plan my daily activities around my training or it just won’t get done.  This is somewhat of a challenge during the winter months since the days are so short, and cold….really cold.

After signing up in November, I pretty much spent my whole first month learning how to swim again.

Starting in December I really ramped up my activities and started base training 6 days a week at a relatively low intensity.  90% of my bike workouts and most of my run workouts were at the lowest HR range.  Coach calls this the “Endurance Aerobic” (EA) zone. My targets are as follows:

  • Bike EA Zone (125-138)
  • Run EA Zone(135-148)

The hardest part has been trying to keep my HR down in this zone.  I really have to concentrate. Most of my workouts have consisted of multi-sport activities; for example:

  • Bike 25 miles at EA pace
  • Run :10 min at E-pace (11min)

Bike (Trail Riding on the American Tobacco Trail)

Trail Tobacco Trail 12-19-2009, Heart rate - Time

For the last month, my log has been as follows:


  • Swim = Blue
  • Bike = Brown
  • Run = Red

Total workout time is only about 8hrs per week through December.  Nothing really strenuous yet, just a couple of base-line tests for coach to get an idea of my current fitness level and abilities.  See 9 months to go.

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