Ironman Florida 2010

Today marks the start of another new journey.  My wife and I are both registered for Ironman Florida, November 6th, 2010 !! Online registration opened at noon, the day after the race(Sunday). I hit the General Entry right at noon to make sure I got a slot as they have sold out quickly in the past. Unless you are at the race site to register in person, online registration can be a nerve-racking.


Whew!!…I went back to the site maybe 2 hrs later and saw that the “2010 Ford Ironman Florida General Entry is SOLD OUT.”

So, if you missed out on IMFL, check for another IM event.

  • Mark the sign up date on your calendar
  • Create an username/password as the race website redirects you to for sign-up.
  • Know the “exact time” that the online registration process is supposed to start(usually noon the day after the race).
  • Be online at the website for the race, i.e.,
  • Hit the Entry button and go through the process of filling out your info.
  • Just make sure you don’t wait and say, Ok I’ll just sign up sometime this afternoon…It will be too late.
  • Good Luck

That gives us only 363 more days to train and prepare. This will be my 2nd Ironman, and my first since 2000.  I hope to pass along helpful training information in the weeks, months ahead. Hope to see you in Panama City 2010 !

Let’s get it on!

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