Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone.  My wife and I were just returning to Raleigh last night around 6pm from a quick daytrip.  I had my new camera with me, and was hoping to get a couple of pictures of the Christmas Lights downtown, before they all get taken down in early January(tomorrow). 


Apparently I was the only one in Raleigh that did not know they do 2 countdowns to ring in the new year(one at 7pm, and one at midnight). I hopped out of the car to find a good spot to take pictures. About the same time, a massive parade was just cranking up to make its way down Fayetteville Street for the Acorn Drop at 7pm.  Bands, drums, bagpipes, and cool costumes.  The streets were packed and everyone was having a good time.


New Year’s Day I spent a good deal of time contemplating the new year, and what resolutions I should make and how to keep them….More on this later, so stay tuned.  But for now it’s time to enjoy the holiday and so should you.

Thanks for reading!


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