I got bit by a dog…Now what?

Some days you’re the ‘Nail’ and some days you’re the hammer.  Yesterday, it was my turn to be the ‘Nail’. I’ve often heard of people getting bitten by a dog, and often thought how I would react to keep the dog at bay.  In my minds eye, I would do some lightning quick Jackie Chan Shaolin Kung Fu move that would have the dog by the throat. I would have it in my bear hands until it submitted.  In reality, I’m just some dude that likes to run a alot(but not faster than a dog), that knows nothing about Kung Fu.

This was an improvised run from the gym.  It was supposed to be a swim day followed by some weight lifting. Thunderstorms in the area closed the outdoor pool, and the indoor pool was drained for maintenance.  emptypool

So, off I went out into the rain to get in a good 45 min run.  There’s a nice golf course type neighborhood with a lake and a jogging trail nearby which served nicely.  It was a wonderful run.  I had no HR monitor(b/c I had planned to be swimming), and the summer rain just feels good.  So I was just running based on how I felt.

So, I’m just starting the lake part of the run and I see a very large man(6’8 ish), and a very large black shepherd mix type dog. I give the usual ‘head nod’ and ‘hey, how ya doin’ as I pass both of them. I usually give some form of acknowledgement while running past folks just because I’m nice like that.

Anyway, I kept running for another 20 min or so around to the other side.  There were only a couple of other people out on the trail since it was raining.  I looked up and saw the same very large man, and a very large black shepherd mix type dog coming down the path, still about 100yds away.  Nothing out of the ordinary except some geese on the path.  So I ran off the path around the geese and proceed back onto the path.

As I approached the man and dog, I was on the right side of the path, and the man was on the left side of the path.  The dog was further off the path in the grass(on a short leash) on the left.  At this point, I usually don’t say ‘hello’ if it is the second time I’ve seen someone in 20min because it just seems odd.  I was just enjoying the run…..then BBAAAAMMMMM!!! I felt something latch onto my side, bite down a bit, and then let go. My Shaolin Kung Fu was no match for this dog because it was already over and done with.  The dog was spanked accordingly, and the man was terribly sorry and seemed to be somewhat afraid of how I might react.

dogbite As looked down at my side, it did not appear that the skin was broken.  So I told the man not to worry about it, the skin was not broken.  After some more apologies, I proceeded with my run back to the gym.

As it turns out, I was very lucky that the bite was not serious. I did a little research and found that there a several things that you should do ANY TIME time a dog bite occurs.

According to CDC

4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year, and one in five dog bites results in injuries that require medical attention.

Think of this like you would if you got into a car accident.
* Take a mental picture of the dog( or with your phone) if it is a stray.
* Get the Dog Owner’s information, address, contact numbers.
* Treat the wounds. Wash/Dress the wound thoroughly
* Monitor for signs of infection…increasing redness, tenderness, etc.
* Contact the authorities( This is a gray area in my opinion).

Let me know if you have any feedback on this, or have had similar experiences.  I would like to hear from you.  This was really a one off type incident as this was just a typical jog.  No sudden movements or anything of that nature.

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4 Responses to I got bit by a dog…Now what?

  1. Don Sniffin says:

    Enjoyed your dog bite. Bitten several times myself, all but one my fault!: 1. As a middle schooler, bet a friend I could sneak up behind a blind barking collie. Won the bet, got bit! 2. Walking home from school in a great mood, saw a large shepherd laying peacefully on his porch. Thought I’d share my good mood, walked up to pet him. Got bit.; 3. Opening my front door to a knock, my weimarainer beside, my son stood behind a huge shepherd whose nose was at the door. The two dogs attacked, pushing me back into my living room with them. Grasping both by the nape of their necks, I simultaneously separated them and got bit….by my own dog Sam! What made it all worthwhile was the look on Sam’s face when he realized he’d bitten me. Translated to OOOOO, SHIT! I still laugh and can see it again when I hear a story like yours.

    On a serious note, Jeff, I’m glad you entered the senate race and will support you. I’d have voted for Meeks, but don’t believe he could defeat the Republemming conservative, whichever. PROgressive vs CONservative, get it? I’ll stick with the PROs. If you’re interested in a jingle, how ’bout this to the old New Christy Minstrels song Green, Green:

    Greene, Greene, it’s Greene we say will be headed for the Hill!
    Jeff Greene is goin’ away to make the country greener still! (Nice beat, too.)

    I helped Alan Grayson by singing a reworded Hang down your head, Tom Dooley, when I was guesting with local bands or alone. 74 now, I don’t do so good, but had a great run from the 60’s to the 80’s, and fluttering above the poverty line it’s all I can offer. Good luck!

  2. Jeff says:


    Hilarious. Yep, kind of funny when you look back at it when its not serious.

    BTW, I like your jingle but I’m not that Jeff Greene. Happens more than you would think. I once was mistaken for Jeff Greene(Nascar) driver while trying to find a band for my wedding several years back.

  3. Brad says:

    My frends dog bit me, in two spots, it hurts idk what to do

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