Geese in the flower bed…


Goose Facts

It’s springtime and all kinds of creatures and critters are making their presence known.  Every year the geese come back to the RTP campus to nest.  You never know where the nest is going to be , but rest assured it will be close by.  In years past, the nest has usually been in a tree patch between buildings, but this year takes the cake.  The location for this year was chosen right at the front door of the building in the middle of the roundabout!  Notice the male standing guard in the background in the 2nd picture.

 IMGP0338IMGP0348 IMGP0336  IMGP0340

•        Nesting season is Mid March to May.
•        Geese begin to nest at the age of 2.
•        Geese will return to the exact site of the previous years nest or sometimes a nearby pond or other body of water.
•        When geese are chased from their traditional nesting area they find alternative sites to nest.
•        Geese will appear in pairs during nesting season. A solitary goose typically indicates that a nest is in the vicinity and "he" is standing guard.
•        The average number of eggs in a nest is 5-6. However, there can be as many as 10-12.  
•        Incubation time is 28 – 30 days.


On a side note, I’ve had quite a few encounters with The American Green Tree Frog this past week.  I’ve never really noticed them in years past, but they seem to keep popping up in the strangest places.


Like this little guy that was on the parking sign while leaving from work.


Or this little guy that was at home the next evening.  He even let me pick him up and hang out for a min before he got bored with the paparazzi.

IMGP0363IMGP0368  IMGP0366

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