Let it snow

Last night snow moved into the area again, which is just really odd for Raleigh.  We have had 3-4 decent snows this year.  Anyway tomorrow calls for a triathlon race simulation to continue my Ironman training for IMFL in November.

Before After

P1010054 IMGP0149

Ok, its not really before and after the snow.  It’s before I went to sleep and after I woke up:)


As you can see, this week(10) is an easy Race SIM week, so the workouts have all been pretty easy. Even the Race SIM should be cake….S-800, B-1Hr, R-35. Since I have not done a triathlon of any kind in 5+ years, I am going to call this my “1st unofficial Triathlon of the Year”.  This will be an indoor event and the will race start Saturday Morning around 10:00am.  The race will be called the 2010 Lifetime Fitness Winter Triathlon Challenge…or something else clever.

Location: Lifetime Fitness


  • Swim – Pool swim 800 yds
  • Bike – Indoor stationary bike(1 hr time limit, HR must stay in 139-145bpm)
  • Run – Indoor treadmill (must stay at E-pace, which means real slow/easy…like 10:30pace)

Race Results will be posted shortly after the race.

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