2010 Lifetime Fitness Triathlon Challenge

The day started with a quick Warm-up. My warm-up started by warming up the car and clearing the driveway.  Grabbed a quick Drink/Gu and we were off to the race site…..(Lifetime Fitness)

IMGP0156 IMGP0157IMGP0159



The Swim consisted of an easy 800 yds.  This is essentially 32 lengths of the pool….So 14:38 later, I was headed to T1


IndoorBike BikeResults

T1 end up being longer than expected.  It turns out that there were a ton of people at the gym so it took almost 15 min to get changed from the pool and find an open bike.  With the following guidelines:

  • Bike – Indoor stationary bike(1 hr time limit, HR must stay in 139-145bpm)

I was able to get through 17.13 miles in 60 min, while keeping my HR Avg around 140.

Off to T2…!



Woops, looks like I went over 145 bpm 2x.  That’s going to be a 5 sec penalty for each.


IndoorRun RunResult

  • Run – Indoor treadmill (must stay at E-pace, which means real slow/easy…like 10:30pace)

With the above parameters in mind, I was able to get through 3.32 miles in 35 min at 10:30 pace, keeping my HR at 140.

So at the end of it all, I had a time of 1:49:38 worth of exercise, plus a 10 second Penalty.


  • Swim 800 yds
  • Bike 17.13 miles
  • Run 3.32 miles

The point of all this is not to think that I am anywhere near being ready for Ironman FL in Nov, but rather to continue building each week and keeping my body familiar with the 3 elements of the race.  Throwing in a short indoor race simulation may seem ridiculous to some, but hey it’s February, and helps mix things up a bit. You’ve got to have fun with it.

The next 2 weeks, we step up the intensity a bit!

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