Night Lights

Lightning has always fascinated me.  Every time I see a big lightning strike, I am wondering if anyone else saw it.  The flash of light and the strike is so momentary.  Illuminating for split second and then forever forgotten….that is, unless said lightning hits the Pecan tree in your front yard and creates are gnarly scorched, burnt stripe all the way down to the ground.

Recently, Ann and I were across the river from Bath, NC when this spectacular light show of storms was rolling through.  The view was perfect.  We were on the south side of the Pamlico River, and there was a ribbon of storms skirting over the north side of the river.  We had a clear line of sight across the open water. 

Here is what we captured.

I only had my camera phone with me at the time, so some of the shots are a little grainy.  But, I’m not sure if my handycam would have been any better, as it has a tendency to keep auto-focusing, especially as it is getting dark.

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