You’re invited to a One-legged Butt Kicking Contest

If you ever have one of those days where you need to blow off some steam, let me suggest a One-legged pedaling workout.  This is the kind of workout that I see coming up on the workout calendar and I fear it and am secretly drawn to it like a moth to a flame.  This is the 3rd week of training in the new season for IMAZ, yet today was the first workout where I thought to myself, ‘ok now we’re doing some work’.

So if you’re cooped up indoors all winter, this is a really great workout where you can work on those dead spots in your pedal stroke.  I’m getting better.  My dead spot used to be pretty much from 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock.  Now my dead spot is more like 8 o’clock to 12 o’clock.  My first attempt at this last year was a wreck.  See FAIL here.

So here’s the workout:

  • Warm up on the trainer for 10 minutes
  • Unclip the right leg and rest on a box or the trainer itself.  Pedal with the Left leg only for 2 minutes.
  • Switch to the Right leg and pedal for 2 minutes.
  • Now pedal with both legs at a high cadence of 120 rpm’s.
  • Then easy pedal for 2 minutes.

Repeat this series 5 times

Cool down for 10 minutes. 


The whole workout takes you just 60 minutes, so it’s a great change of pace than just doing an easy/moderate spin for an hour or so.  Your hip/adductor muscles will scream, but you’ll be faster on race day. 

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to do a quick cool down jog afterwards.

Next up are my resolutions for 2011 and how to keep them.  Just need to put pen to paper so to speak.

Thanks for reading!


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