Ironman Florida Pre-Race


Ironman week is a spectacle. Picture 2800 hard core, Type-A athletes that have been training 12-20hrs a week for the last year, all in the same place for a long weekend.  In addition, everyone has been tapering for the past several weeks to prepare.  So everyone’s got all this extra energy stored up.  Some folks are nervous, others appear to be laid back. Others are just sizing up the competition.

The day before the race is spent getting your transition bags to the correct location.  The morning prior to this is spent in total OCD mode trying to make sure you have everything in the correct bag, and the bag in the correct spot.

You have 5 bags.

  1. ‘swim to bike stuff’
  2. ‘bike to run stuff’
  3. ‘special needs bike’ (dropped at mile 56 on the course in case @#$% happens).
  4. ‘special needs run’ (dropped at mile 13 on the course in case @#$% happens).
  5. ‘morning bag’ stuff you wear prior to getting in the water and freezing.


IMGP0987 IMGP0985


The transition area is just enormous.  Pretty cool to see all the gear and bikes lined up and ready to roll the next day.


At some point you want to get away from all the activity, get back to the room and get off your feet, eat like a champ and head to bed early.


With that, we have done everything we can.  We are ready!

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