Weekend Road trip

This weekend was looking to be very busy, so IMFL training was looking like it may need to take a back seat for a day or two(no big deal, since this was a recovery week).  This was not your typical road trip of leisurely sightseeing and goofing around.  This was the kind of trip where you just have a bunch of @#$% that needs to get done.  Said @#$% at place B,C, and D that needs to be moved to said place E,F,G.  We’ve had this scheduled for about a month, so really this was an exercise in getting the most done as possible in 48 hours.  Not so much cardio, but plenty of heavy lifting.  In this case, @#$% doesn’t mean @#$%, it really is just a bunch of things that are not pertinent to the subject.

Our path, minus all of my wrong turns, looked something like this:



After stopping briefly at Brueggers Bagels, we headed out of Raleigh.  I snapped this cool little picture of the Raleigh Convention Center before heading out.  These are individual little pieces of aluminum(I believe), that kind of flicker when the wind is blowing, so it gives the impression that the tree is blowing in the breeze.  I think it’s pretty cool.  Really it’s a blind for the giant AC units for the building.


Anyway, we got going and went about the details of moving @#$% all over the place.  Later in the day, we hit a monster of a rain storm somewhere near Washington, NC.  The summer storms in this part of the state can be amazing.  It will rain like crazy and drop a couple of inches in an hour, and then just clear up like nothing happened.  You can see below, the waves are just pounding this small boat ramp.  Along with the rains, comes the bugs. Everything in eastern NC is bigger…kind of like Texas, I guess.  You can see this Praying Mantis is clearly bigger than the truck.  After barricading the door/windows from the giant insects we went to bed.


I was hoping to somehow get in a nice easy 1500yd swim.  The pool at the hotel was closed for maintenance….which is no big deal.  With the size, I would have needed to do probably 400 laps or swim in circles for a half hour.  Jogging at night in this area is also a no-go. Mainly just state highways with logging trucks and similar type traffic.  So I bagged it.



Saturday was more of the same.  Just hauling @#$% all over the place.  We did get a change to stop at a cool little consignment shop in Oriental.  If you need something for a boat, you can probably find it here.  Just like triathlon gadgets, nautical gadgetry is fascinating for some reason.  This place was a thrift shop for any kind of sailing gear you could need. 


Sunday I slept in until about 10 AM.  All we had on the schedule was a 6 mile run and an optional 45 min Bike, all at easy pace.  We opted for just the 6 mile run around the lake.  After having taken the previous 2 days off from training to get other @#$% done, I finally feel rested mentally and physically.  I think having 3 build weeks followed by 1 recovery week really works well for us.  It really allows us to be able to train for IMFL, but still take time to take care of other commitments without any set back.  It’s pretty much like throwing in a taper week every forth week.  Which is good….Because tomorrow we roll and kick it up a notch into IMFL mode.


Have a great week everyone.  Thanks for Reading!

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