Recovery Week

Since last weeks 70.3 in Charleston, this week was a much more laid back recovery week.  Nothing too long…nothing too strenuous.  A couple things happened while we were a way for the long weekend.

  • The Outdoor Pool Opened…Whoohoo!!!  I love swimming outside.  It just feels different.  The water is nice and cool.  The lanes seems wider.  The water seems clearer and fresh.   Friday’s workout was just a simple 600 TT.  So 10:37 later a I was done.


  • Some things are water proof and some are not.

I’ll admit that I can be pretty rough on a watch.  Though I was surprised that my cheapo Timex watch seems to be taking on water.  I’ve only had this one for 6 months.  Every single Timex that I have had in the past has lasted for years.  Not sure what changed with this one.  Anyway, it got to the point where I was not able to see my swim times, so replacement was needed.

On a side note, I learned that the Garmin ANT+ device appears to be machine wash proof.  I lost this for a couple days, and finally found it in the bottom of the washing machine.  So I hit it with the hair dryer, and then let it sit for 2 days just to make sure(No need to damage the USB port on my PC).  Still works great!


Saturdays workout called for a 1:30 Bike and a 10 min run.  At the last min, I received an email about a Pet Adpotion charity ride about 1 hour away in Sanford, NC.  They had a 30 miler and a 60 miler, so this would be perfect.  Throw in a T-Shirt with a dog flying on the handle bars!!

IMGP0477 IMGP0469 IMGP0470

Afterwards, they had puppies for adoption and a really cool place to drop a canoe if one were so inclined.  We already have 3 cats, so we didn’t bring home any more pets.

IMGP0475 IMGP0473

Sunday’s workout was another 1:20 on the bike.  This was just a quick tempo ride on the trainer.  Really makes the time fly by when I do these type tempo rides with time intervals to keep track of.


Later in the afternoon, it was off to pick strawberries.  They’re always ready around Mother’s Day.  This was a U-Pick-EM kind of place, so we grabbed 2 pint baskets and got busy.  Ok so we ate about a 1/2 pint, then we picked 2 pints.

IMGP0490 IMGP0488 IMGP0489

Have a great week everyone!

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