Computrainer 30 min Time Trial

Now that I’ve had the Computrainer for about 4 months, I have enough data to be able to look back and see how I’m improving.  This week I did my 2nd 30 min Time Trial where you’re supposed to ride at you maximum sustainable watts.  Just looking at the graph and my averages, I can definitely see that I’m improving.  My second Time Trial shows that I averaged 14 Watts more that the first time.  It also shows that my HR on my 2nd TT was 9 bpm lower than my first TT.  This indicates that I could have gone harder.

So lets break down the numbers:

Dec17th, 30 min Time Trial

  • Avg HR 153
  • Power 163 Watts
  • Cadence 91.3
  • Weight 173


Power to Weight Ratio is Power in Watts divided by Weight (Weight is typically in Kilograms.

173 Pounds = 78.47 Kilograms

163 Watts/78.56 = 2.07 (Power to Weight at 30 Min)

March 2nd, 30 min Time Trial

  • Avg HR 144
  • Power 177 Watts
  • Cadence 93.4
  • Weight 171


Power to Weight Ratio:

171 Pounds = 77.56 Kilograms

177 Watts/77.56 = 2.28 (Power to Weight at 30 Min)

Since I haven’t done that many time trials I’m still feeling my way through them.  That is why my wattage is lower during the 1st 15min or so.  No need to just blow up in the beginning and Bonk before you even reach 30 min.  Anyway, I found a couple pretty cool bike calculators the other day.

1. Bike Calculator

2. Bicycle Power Calculator

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