Keeping a Training Log for your Marathon Training

I’ve been using Training logs for as long as I can remember.  They are a great way to keep you motivated, measure your progress, or just to stay organized. There’s really no correct way to set up a training log, as it really just depends on how much information you want to track.  Some people are hard-core and like to track, nutrition, sleep, heart rate, weight, and pretty much anything you can think of.  I like to track my distances and my heart rate, but usually don’t worry about the rest.

When I was training for the Florida Ironman in 2000 it was important for me to track how much of swimming/biking/running I was doing each day.  I would simply do the following for each workout day.

S – Swimming

B – Biking

R – Running

So, on my calendar I would just pencil in the distance for each day.


S – 2000yds

B – 40 miles

R – 6 miles

At the end of each 1 week period, I would add up the totals.  This really helps you focus from week to week to see where your weak areas are and how to address them moving forward.  After each race or key date in your training, you’ll want to look back to see what works and what areas need improvement.

There are numerous free online resources for training logs.  Some allow you to plot your workout route if you’re not sure about the distance.

Go here for free Calendars

I currently use Active Trainer‘s Online Training Log(also free).

Check out some of my training routes & Training log “here” if you like.

Also check out other online training logs:

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