How to make your own Ethernet Network cables

If you are planning to build your own CCIE Lab rack, consider making your own network cables.  Making your own network cables is a good way to save money if you need to make a lot of them.  At $7 for a 3ft patch cable, you can spend quite a bit of money if you need, say 30 cables.

For a CCIE Lab rack, you will need the following:

12 x straight-thru cables
18 x crossover cables

30 cables x 3 ft = 90 ft of Cat5 cable needed.  You can buy 100ft for $50 or less.

2  x Boxes(of 50) RJ-45 connectors $2-3

Wire cutter/Stripper and Crimping tool $20

See pinouts below:


Hope this helps!

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