Pingjeffgreene is a collection of writings on Triathlon, Technology, Networking, and just about anything that I find interesting.  Most of the content is from real world experience that made enough of an impression to write down so that I could always come back to it and share with others.

1. I’m not selling anything here and I don’t make money from folks like Amazon or other vendors.  Not that I’m against it, just not legal in my neck of the woods, as you can read here: “Amazon Cuts North Carolina Affiliates to Avoid Tax“. If this ever changes I’ll let you know.

2. I have a day job that rocks, so I can’t commit to blog updates on a set schedule. When I learn something interesting, I’ll post it. Subscribing by RSS or following me on Twitter is the easiest way to stay up to date.

3. Lastly, I love to hear your comments. I’ve received many more than I would have ever imagined. I DO read every one, even though I can’t respond to all of them. I do respond to all email and/or @messages sent to “my Twitter account.”  I’ll respond pretty quickly if I’m not working on something urgent.

3 Responses to About

  1. Varun Jose says:

    Hey, just wanna know one thing, are u working in cisco(RTP-TAC)??Just out of curiosity 🙂 as me too workin in TAC

  2. Jeff says:

    Hi Varun all the way from Bangalore. Hope you are doing well. Yep, I’m in RTP.

  3. Varun Jose says:

    Hey Jeff, Saw ur update only now(as you are aware, due to the tight schedule in TAC)… However, I should say a Big Thank you for this site esp for the stp troubleshooting part 🙂 Helped a lot..

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