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John Chambers (CEO) Visits RTP

On Thursday, Cisco Systems was celebrating 15 years at the RTP, NC campus.  John Chambers was scheduled to speak at 2 of the 12 buildings on Cisco’s RTP Campus.  Having been in the industry for 10+ years now, I’ve always … Continue reading

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Wendell Odom’s Sneak Peek at the CCIE R/S Lab

Interesting write-up on v4.0 by Wendell Odom:

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CCIE Routing and Switching Lab 4.0

The CCIE R&S v3.0 certification exams will be retired on October 18, 2009 and replaced with the v4.0 exams. Interesting Webex discussion posted here: Officical Update: CCIE Routing and Switching CCIE 4.0 Lab Exam Topics, v4.0

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MPLS Layer 3 VPNs

In the following diagram we have a very Basic MPLS network to demonstrate how MPLS Layer 3 VPNs work.  In the  Service Provider cloud we are running OSPF between R3,R1,R5, and R6. R3 and R6 are running BGP within the … Continue reading

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MPLS Basics

MPLS Study Notes Terminology Penultimate Hop Popping RFC 3031 Multiprotcol Transport diff payloads -Ethernet, FRLY, ATM,IPv4, IPv6 Layer 3 MPLS VPN (RFC2547) will be the focus of the 4.0 R&S Exam. Label Switching Labels used to route(switch)traffic instead of normal … Continue reading

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High CPU on a Catalyst switch running IOS

This is the troubleshooting process you can take to solve High CPU problems in your network.  The root cause is always something different, but the steps are mostly the same. High CPU since Market open…. C6500#show ver System image file … Continue reading

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So you want to Build your own CCIE Lab Rack

Building your own CCIE Lab Rack can be a daunting task if you’re not sure how to get started. Hopefully this will provide you a blueprint of what you will need and how to set up correctly so you can … Continue reading

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Setting up a TCL(pronounced as “tickle”) script for CCIE Lab troubleshooting

TCL shell is available on Cisco IOS release 12.3(2)T and later.  So, you can run this on your routers but NOT on your switches.  This is a great tool, especially during Lab/simulation.  You will want to verify connectivity on your … Continue reading

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How to make your own Ethernet Network cables

If you are planning to build your own CCIE Lab rack, consider making your own network cables.  Making your own network cables is a good way to save money if you need to make a lot of them.  At $7 … Continue reading

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