Mt. Hamilton, CA

Recently I found myself in San Jose, CA with a couple hours to spare before hopping on a flight back home to NC.  I figured i would have about 4 hours to spare so i called ahead and rented a bike from UDC Bike Rental.  I was able to pick up a sweet Specialized Roubaix, with everything I needed for a good solid ride.

So i met a couple friends from work at 7a.m. sharp, and set out on Mt. Hamilton.  I rigged a GoPro camera  to the bike and set it to Time-lapse mode to take a pic every 1 sec or so.  Throw in a little Foo Fighthers, and we’re off.  Good Times!


In my limited travel experience to any of the mountains near San Jose, I failed to pack any warm cycling gear for this ride.  It was about 50 when i started, and about 35F and  really windy when i got to the top of Mt. Hamilton.  At first, it wasn’t too bad, but on the descent, you’re not actually doing any “work” on the bike, so you start to cool off really fast.  In the end, it wasn’t anything that a hot cup of coffee couldn’t fix.

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